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Metal bumper tempered glass

Patented ultra-simple one-touch mounting

Chinese Utility Model ZL-2015-200096365.9

NFC design with light weight and light weight

Wireless Charging Case with superior functions such as external shock absorption

Metal bumper cradle

Grips that I have never felt before

Patent No. 10-1852307

It is high quality with aluminum material, gives the best bend

A lean metal bumper cradle with a sense of grip

Metal back cover carbon

Chinese Utility Model: ZL 2015 2 0096365.9

It is easy to use in any space with built-in cradle.

Back-to-back case with bumper internal shock pads

Universal case

Regardless of smartphone model
Most models available!

Patent No.: No. 10-1769579 / No. 10-1869218

FINEDAY Patent! It can be fitted to most models,

Suitable for gifts or promotional items