We are constantly challenging in spirit.



FINEDAY is a manufacturer. From cell phone cases to electronics, always with people We are making commodities.


While people are using our products, we laugh while watching.
Brightening the world with brilliant ideas and excellent technology. That's the dream of FINEDAY.


In order to deliver the best quality products to people at a reasonable price, we are making product development in domestic and overseas.


CEO Lee Sung-Sik

Steps for Global FINEDAY

Steps for a Global FINEDAY

Hello, This is Lee Seong-sik, the representative of FINEDAY.

I have been working as a student for 20 years and have developed hundreds of products to date.

But there were a lot more unrealized items behind it.

There were many reasons for not realizing it, but the biggest reason was the market reaction of the idea.

I had to know people's reactions to see if this idea was a very viable idea, but the idea that I could live in the factory only 365 days a year was all I could see around me.

But now it is different. I am not a single person but I see people from various fields in various perspectives.

WHAT-WHY-HOW for the product while asking for the product. We produce prototypes accordingly Again, we listen to various opinions and make dozens of revisions to make the best products.

I am now looking at goals I had not seen before.



WHAT-WHY-HOW We produce the best products in the spirit
and contribute to the national society.

Create the best value with FIRST products and services

  • How to do business
  • - Improving customer loyalty
  • - Expand staffing jobs, provide pride
  • - Increasing opportunities for industry ecosystems

Contribution to national society

  • Group CEO Commitment
  • - Business dedication
  • - WIN-WIN cooperation between companies

Business Scope

Create products that brighten people. Mobile Peripherals | Small electronics / IOT products | biotechnology

Mobile Peripherals

We create new values in the closest place to modern people.

The mobile peripheral part is the starting point of FINEDAY. Products that emphasize usability and show brilliant ideas by analyzing people's life patterns. FINEDAY is creating new value where there is always visible.

Small electronic / IOT products

We leap to become a global manufacturer that innovates our lifestyle.

Innovative products that are different from others, new designs that have not been in the world.


Leading the future of the biotechnology industry with top technology and competitive edge.

Aging is a big problem facing human beings, not only in beauty but also in health. We go to global markets to find health and life. We are leaping to become a company with the best results and services.


The logo of FINEDAY represents the starting point and the challenge.

Now, about 100 years after the world's first car was developed, we're in a much more advanced car.

The constant challenge to progress and the most important starting point. The CI of FINEDAY expressed this identity. With its three core business sectors, FINEDAY is making its way to becoming a 'global company that is focused on starting point and challenging'.

The logo of the FINEDAY means starting point and challenging.

When everyone wanted a better Carriage, Karl Benz built a car that wasn't in the world.

This product has made a tremendous contribution to the overall development of industry and technology in the world, and it is still essential today.

FINEDAY isn't in the world yet, but it makes products that people need.

I'll always try to be new, and I won't hesitate to start at that point.