Business Scope

Product development, product manufacturing, product distribution, crowdfunding

Product development

Market research and planning

We can do product planning based on market research and investigation targeting not only domestic but also special regions such as China and USA.


From 2D design to 3D modeling and interior design, you can quickly and accurately design with real-time feedback with your designers.


It is possible to produce prototypes for actual commercialization by utilizing various routes such as 3D printer,

Product manufacturing

Direct production of own brand products


Samsung C & T and many brands of products are directly developed to produce OEM.


Logitech and many other brands of products are produced in consignment.

Product distribution

and other distributors are distributing their products through off-line.

Crowd funding


Indiegogo, Kyodo Crowdfunding, Wadies and others in the United States and China to publicize their products through the crowdfunding platform.

Crown funding agency

Crowdfunding agency - We are doing crowdfunding agency to domestic companies that have difficulties in overseas crowdfunding such as USA and China.